Where Can You Find a Qualified Father’s Rights Attorney?

Fathers should get in touch with a knowledgeable family law attorney as soon as possible if they are considering divorce or are going through a custody battle. An accomplished Orlando fathers’ rights attorney can offer you guidance through the procedure, guarantee that your rights are upheld, and a level of knowledge that you could not have been able to obtain on your own.

In addition, you can receive assistance with paternity concerns and other child-related family law matters from an experienced Orlando fathers rights attorney. Establishing paternity, asserting parental rights, and handling accusations of child abuse are all included in this. If you’re having trouble with custody, such as getting shared custody of your kids, a fathers rights attorney can help.

When it comes to custody, time-sharing, and parenting duties, Florida law gives dads the same attention as it does mothers. Still, when it comes to custody disputes, the courts still seem to favor moms. The primary caregiver for most young children is usually their mother, which explains why most children spend their early years living with their mothers. Nonetheless, the dads will have a great chance of succeeding if they can demonstrate that the mother is unfit to be the child’s primary caretaker or that the mother shouldn’t have the children at all.

In a Florida custody dispute, proving paternity is a crucial first step toward protecting a father’s rights. The father must prove his paternity if the mother and father are not married when the kid is born. This can be done by having both parents sign a voluntary recognition of paternity in front of two witnesses or a notary public. In the event that the mother declines to sign or if there are doubts about paternity, the father may file a court case to employ a scientific genetic DNA test to prove paternity.

If a father is granted custody of his kids, he will probably have to pay child support. A complicated system of rules that take into account the father’s income, assets, and any other unique circumstances are used to calculate these payments. If a parent disobeys a child support order, he may be subject to harsh consequences, such as criminal prosecution. A skilled Orlando family lawyer can describe the child support laws and how they relate to your particular circumstance. For knowledgeable assistance and compassion during this trying time, get in touch with the DeVoe Law Firm’s Orlando fathers rights attorneys.